A topic that I find interesting is hair cutting/styling.  Hair cutting involves creating a certain shape and form to the hair, as well as maintaining it.  Hair styling refers to both the tools and products in order to achieve a particular look to the hair.  These tools include flat irons and hair rollers, and some examples of products include leave-in conditioner and mousse.  Examples of hair styles include bobs (ends of hair cut around chin and aligned close to the face), mohawks (hair is shaved on sides of the head, leaving a strip in the middle and spiked up), and French twists (hair twisted behind the head into a bun).  Hair products are important because they can be used to add volume, texture, or curl to a certain style.


I have always been interested in hair cutting and styling ever since I was a little girl.  I love the idea that a person can completely transform their appearance with just some product and a certain cut.  Cuts and styles can either make or break a person's appearance, so he or she should be absolutely certain that there will be no regrets after leaving the salon.  This topic also interests me because it shows an individual's identity in the world.  For example, a person with a simple, long hair style might be more conservative and routine; on the other hand, someone with a blue mohawk will likely to be spontaneous and not be accustomed to the same everyday routine.


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