Improving GGC

Purpose of Survey

The purpose of my survey is to acquire various students' perspectives regarding the transportation issues on the GGC campus.  It makes known how often students have trouble finding a parking spot and what sort of impact their tardiness has regarding classes.  It also gains knowledge from different student's perspectives to the public on what improvements could be made considering this issue.

Excel File from Survey

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Map of Georgia Gwinnett College 

Student Responses from Survey

How long have you attended GGC?

The majority of the students chose 3 or more semesters.

Do you have your own form of transportation?

Most of the student population did have their own form of transportation.

On a weekly basis, how often do you have problems with finding a parking spot on campus?

When arriving 5 minutes prior to their class time, students ran into more problems with finding a parking spot than others who arrived 15 minutes before.

Do you believe this problem is having an impact on your attendance at GGC?

Many students believed that this problem had a big impact on their attendance.

If you chose yes, list the impact below.

The students who chose yes said the impact of this problem was that they were 5-10 minutes late to class.

How often are you tardy to class due to problems finding a parking spot on campus?

Students who were tardy to class due to these problems were often late to class (3-4 times a week).

How do you think the problems involved with finding a parking spot can be improved?

Most students who had these parking problems on campus decided that they should leave their house 5-10 minutes earlier in order to get a good parking spot and to avoid being late to their class.


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