Job Title: Hair Stylist

Skills Needed: Person should have the ability to cut different textures of hair, including curly, thin, and wavy hair.  He or she should also know how to cut different styles, like bobs, long and short layers, and bangs.

Educational Requirements: A high school diploma or GED is required for a person to pursue a career in hair styling.  He or she also needs to have completed at least 6 months of school/training after high school (Aveda, The Process, etc.).  After graduation, the person is required to get a license provided from the state.

Salary: The national average salary hairstylists make is $33,000.

I have always been interested in becoming a hair stylist because I love the fact that a hair style can completely transform a person's appearance.  Different cuts and styles say a lot about a person's identity and character, and I find that to be very important in our culture.

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