One way that technology is used in hair styling is the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools.  In order to maintain client management software to help smaller businesses, various specialized applications and websites are used.  An example of one of these websites is, which is specialized for the specific industry.  The site began as a means of stylists managing their appointments and having a reliable source of contact with their customers.  This useful characteristic is important to the site because it makes it much easier for the stylist to get in contact with the customer, or vice versa, in case anything comes up that will impact the time of the appointment.  Customers can also request appointments both online and through their Blackberry or iPhone.

Quick and reliable means of contact between stylist and customer
Improves his or her relationship with customers
Easy method of organizing appointments

Can be difficult and expensive for small businesses to adjust
May not be designed for specific type of business

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Another example technology is used in hair styling is the various tools used in achieving certain looks, focusing here on the curling iron.  Invented in 1990 by Parsons and Lewis, the curling iron is one of the many hair styling tools in which stylists use to acquire a specific appearance.  The curler is made up of a flexible hollow tube, the inside of this containing heat absorbent material.  This tube contains ties attached at both ends in order to secure the tube in place after the hair has beeen wrapped around it.  It can be used at the time of special events, like weddings and proms.  However, the curling iron is a popular tool because the style looks fashionable any day, whether fancy or casual.

Takes no more than a minute for iron to heat up
Takes no more than 20 seconds to curl strand of hair
Change appearance in matter of minutes

Could be damaging to face if not paying attention

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